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Lunch to go! And more.

If you have ever been hungry, you know:

It is hard to think clearly,

It is hard to get warm and stay warm,

It is makes you feel weak,

And just about impossible to look for a job,

pay the bills, care for your children,

or even walk very far.

This is why we believe it is essential to just feed hungry people who come through our doors.

Three Options:

Lunch on the go - food in a bag that can be eaten right now.

Groceries for limited kitchen - food that can be microwaved or heated over a small burner.

Groceries for a full kitchen - food for those who have a full kitchen to use.

Here is how:

Trinity members bring groceries every Sunday as their ability allows.

Piled into large baskets at the back of the sanctuary, the children bring the full (and often heavy) basket forward at the offering.