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Adult Forum

When? Sunday mornings at 9:45AM

Where? Parish Hall.....close to coffee, fresh fruit and sweet treats

What? Discussions and presentations on just about anything and everything

Who? Drop in, get a cup of java, grab a seat and you are there!

How we do what we do?  Everyone has a passion. And when we share those passions with each other, the awakening can be a marvelous thing to witness. We have had presentations from local authors about the writing process; a slide show on one of our own bringing a simple technology to African villages for clean water; a discussion on Occupied Palestine; a fun look at social media and hilarious You Tube videos; a history of Halloween and a discussion on the presence of angels; a presentation on midwifery and a teaching on the fundamentals of reading the bible; an indepth look at Jewish scripture through the words of the prophets and the varying stories of Jesus' birth in the gospels.....and a whole bunch of other topics.

What is your passion? Share it!

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