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Reception To Follow Team

The Reception To Follow (RTF) Team has been having so much fun serving up celebration for the past 6 years.

In the beginning were receptions for Evensong, Bishop visits, funerals, organ dedication, organ recitals, a baby shower for Morgan and her ordination,  Sunday night Lenten suppers, Stuart's anniversary celebration, Welcome Back Vinnie luncheon and Lessons & Carols.

It's a happy, blended group of people who come early to set up, whip up 90% of the food,
leaving the kitchen and the parish hall spotless and ready to go for the next celebration.

It's a lot of work and we love it.
We treat each reception as if we were hosting at our own homes; happily making guests and members feel welcome in our church.


We are always delighted to add new members to this wonderful ministry team.

Email your questions or to join RTF Team!