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Chillaxing with family and friends!

Some of us covered in mud. More fun than it might look!

This is who we are:

     - we are married, single, partnered and divorced

     - we are in our twenty's and in our forty's, in between and beyond

     - some of us have children, some of us don't, some of us act like children

     - we like to laugh or hike, grunt around in the mud, eat, share a beer or two

     - we read stuff and talk about it, take trips short and long together, then we eat again

     - we are going to do stuff we haven't even thought about yet!

How we do what we do:

     - we gather every month somewhere and do something

     - we communicate through email, this web site and in laughing clusters on Sunday mornings

     - we share a spirit of delight, sprinkled with a dose of irreverence, drapped with hospitality

Here's what we know:

     - you might be looking for a group just like us, because we used to look for us too

     - if you show up, we will show you a good time

Got questions? Thoughts? A rant maybe?

Contact Sara Yergey

Contact Trina Kersh

Contact Jenn Fleming

Well, maybe just email one of them....:-}