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Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Have you ever wished you could read some story in the bible and ask all the crazy questions that pop into your mind?

Have you ever found a passage in scripture to be confusing or just down right funny?

Do you wonder sometimes if everyone else undestands religion and you just don't?

Are you reading a very interesting book that talks about the bible or the spiritual journey in challenging ways and you would love to share it?

We are not your grandmother's bible circle!

We gather a little before 10:00am, share a sweet treat or two, have a cuppa coffee and tackle scripture with open minds, a bit of humor and a whole lot of questioning.

We listen to each other, we share, we have a great time. If you would like to check us out, just come as you are.....we do! :-}

Led by Stuart - Tuesday mornings, 10:00am, Parish Hall