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The Trinity Singers

Rehearses on Sundays at 7:30am ~~ Sings on Sundays at 8:30am

If you've ever thought:  "I'd like to join the choir, but I don't have the time" OR "I'd like to join the choir, but I need to sit with my family in the pew," then Trinity Singers is the option for you!  Our pieces are very straight forward and easily learned, although we do throw in a challenge now and then!

We rehearse on Sunday Mornings at 7:30 and then sing for the 8:30 Service, and the occasional special services (Maundy Thursday, Easter Vigil, etc.).

We are open to members who are High School and older.  Previous experience and being able to read music are helpful, but not necessary.

Some of our repertoire includes:
Spirituals: Wade in the Water (Simms/Beck), I Want to See My Jesus (arr. Althouse),
Contemporary Pieces: God Has Chosen Me (Bernadette Farrell), Strike Up the Instruments (James Chepponis),
Rushing Wind, Dancing Flame (Matthew Corl), O Bread of Life from Heaven (David Ashley White)
(the occasional) Classical Pieces: Come, Jesus, Holy Son of God (Handel), A Prayer of Richard of Chichester (L. J. White)