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New Steinway for our Sanctuary!


A New Steinway Comes to Trinity

There is nothing as wonderful as the sound of a good piano. Unfortunately our current sanctuary piano only comes close to sounding like a good piano for a few weeks following a tuning. It has a number of things going against it. It was built 45 years ago to be a home piano. We are not sure how long it has been at Trinity, but the heavier use of the church setting has taken its toll on the instrument. It needs all of its striking hammers replaced and numerous other refurbishments that would cost more than a new piano and still leave us with less of an instrument than the size of our sanctuary calls for. 

 The piano is very important to our worship because it is the primary instrument for the 9:45 am worship and it is regularly used to accompany the 8:30 and 11 am choirs. It is also the primary instrument used in musical presentations with and by the children of our church.

 The ideal piano for our sanctuary would be a grand positioned behind the altar where the choir sits. Obviously that will not work so we have chosen a cabinet or upright grand. A cabinet grand takes the harp of the piano and positions it in an upright position parallel to the back of the piano. The harp is the frame on which the strings are strung and is what gives the grand pianos there offset shape.  This is also an professional grade piano which means it is meant to take the more frequent and challenging use that the church use demands over a home piano.

 The piano we have chosen and that we hope to have in place by December 1 is a Steinway/Boston UP126PE . (Pictured in Ebony we are looking at a mahogany finish)

 Steinway/Boston 126 PE (Professional Edition)

  • Height 49 ½”
  • Rim and Back Frame  Mahogany
  • Back Posts Full Length Mahogany Laminate for strength
  • Five Back Posts
  • Pin Block 11 Layers of hard rock maple – Octagrip
  • Sound Board – close and straight grain solid Sitka Spruce
  • 11 Spruce Ribs
  • Solid Maple Bridge
  • Overstrung Lower Tension Scale
  • Vacuum cast grey iron plate – bronze lacquered
  • Nickel Plated Pins
  • Hammers are Premium wool topfelt over premium wool underfelt
  • Action of Solid Maple (No Plastic)
  • Keys are genuine Spruce


 This is the finish we are planning on.  

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