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Supper For Puppies


 Sunday, Febuary 19th

5pm - 7pm  Trinity Church Parish Hall

Spagetti Supper/Silent Auction   $15 

*** That adorable puppy is Grainne when she was only 8 weeks old. There she was inside her puppy playpen, her little tiny toys scattered around her. She looked for all the world like a toy puppy dog, she was that cute. Believe it or not, by 8 weeks, this little puppy could ring a bell to be let outside - she was already housetrained. This was not a trick she learned, but a foundation for the training she would have. Grainne is now a big girl. She is almost three years old and has gone to live with her human companion. Grainne was wonderfully trained and well loved by her puppy raisers, which meant she was eager to go to work with her forever human. Even though Grainne has a lot of responsibility, she is more than willing to take it on. Her human lives a fuller life and is grateful everyday for the wonderful work of Blue Ridge Assistance Dogs - who literally make life possible in a new way. Please join us in supporting this vital work....by eating, having a great evening and buying some cool stuff! 

Gus  -  Grainne's big brother

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